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Home Alarm Installation

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A Bosch alarm security home system is the brand we choose for it’s ultimate all-round performance, premium components and German engineering. Offering a range of hard wired and wireless alarm systems, including remote access control via phone application - Bosch definitely delivers when it comes to having home security peace of mind.  Our expert technicians can tailor-make home alarm systems to suit your needs and specifications, as well as offer economical packages for home alarm and cctv packages.


We install BOSCH Security Systems Solution 2000/3000/6000 alarms with detectors that make the correct decision every time to highly capable systems with the flexibility to meet different requirements. Our integrated security alarm solutions are backed by award-winning Bosch technology which give us the peace-of-mind that we are installing the best alarm system for your home or premise.

Bosch Security Systems
Bosch Alarms with detectors

Be connected at all times to your Bosch security systems,  via the Bosch smart phone app. Offering full control of your alarm arming/disarming settings using an easy touch-of-a-buttom on your device. Password activated this system is designed to allow the user to access live updates including zone activation status for each area of your home or business. We also offer MyAlarm - a cloud based service that allows alarm system owners to configure and control staff or family members who are using the iFob Control app to control their alarm system. The MyAlarm system connects up to 10 apps and is sold as a one off purchase or subscription based option – speak to one of our tech experts for more information - contact us.

Alarm App on iphone App Store and Google Play
Bosch Alarm Keypad
  • System Indicators
  • 24/7 Monitoring via smartphone
  • Multiple key pad styles available
  • Up to 16 programmable hardwired zones
  • Systems to choose every budget
  • 3-line LCD display with up to 18 characters
  • Menu-style user interface system – easy operation
  • Highly visible on arm, disarm, power and fault indicators
  • Intruder alert notifications
  • Same day installation

We supply and install Bosch 2000/3000Bosch 6000 and MyAlarm and understand that choosing the right security solutions for your home or business will depend on many factors including budget, size of area to secure, as well as features you will require. One of our experienced security experts will advise you on choosing the perfect alarm system to provide complete protection for your property.



We are dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe.


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